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Chicago Defense Attorney for Drug Manufacturing Cases

Chicago Defense Attorney for Drug Manufacturing Cases


Chicago Defense Attorney | Fred Mark DryWhen a prosecuting attorney in Chicago refers to crimes of drug manufacturing, what he or she is really talking about is using a method to create drugs other than simply growing them. This charge is usually related to crimes involving the manufacturing of meth, cocaine, LSD, and other similar substances.

If you’re in need of a Chicago defense attorney for drug manufacturing charges, then you need to call and schedule a consultation with Fred Dry at the Law Office of Fred Dry. This is a serious charge in Chicago, one that can lead to time behind bars and large fines. Before you walk into the courtroom, make sure you have Fred Dry by your side.

Types of Drug Manufacturing Charges

As there are many types of drugs that can be manufactured, there are also multiple types of charges that fall into the broad category of drug manufacturing. Some of the charges you could face are:

  • Conspiracy to manufacture drugs
  • Operation of a meth lab
  • Manufacturing of LSD and other controlled substances
  • Manufacturing K2, Spice, and related synthetic drugs
  • Running high volume grow houses (drug cultivation)

The last item on this list is actually a drug cultivation charge, which is slightly different from drug manufacturing. A drug cultivation charge involves growing the drug itself. The most common example of this type of charge is growing illegally growing marijuana plants.

Breaking any of these laws or similar drug manufacturing laws will lead to charges and possible convictions. Speak to an experienced attorney to learn how you can defend against these charges and retain your valuable freedom.

How Penalties for Drug Manufacturing Crimes are Levied

Drug manufacturing penalties in Chicago work a little differently than other crimes. Several factors will be taken into account during the sentencing process, and they can either hurt or help your case.

Like many drug-related charges, the penalties of this crime are partially based on the amount of the drug found to be manufactured. A smaller amount will usually result in a lesser offense while a large amount can lead to serious ramifications.

The intention of the person with the drugs can also be called into question. Possession charges have much lower penalties than manufacturing penalties. Some prosecutors charge for manufacturing drugs even when the true crime was only a possession charge. Your attorney will be able to help you defend against such charges.

The exact penalties for manufacturing drugs vary depending on the type of drug actually being manufactured. For example, if a person is found to be manufacturing between 100 and 400 grams of meth, then he or she may serve between 9 and 40 years in prison, depending on the person’s previous criminal history. On the other hand, a person convicted of manufacturing 30 to 500 grams of cannabis may only serve between 2 to 5 years in prison.

Prior convictions may also play a role in the sentencing process. A person with a clean record convicted on manufacturing 15-100 grams of heroin may face a jail sentence closer to the six-year mark than the 30-year mark. If a person’s criminal history is more profound, then the sentence could be much harsher. A clean record could also be the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony.

In addition to jail time, fines may also be levied against a convicted person. The amount payable to the state is usually several thousands of dollars. The fines are sometimes calculated based on the current street value of the amount of drugs that was involved in the conviction. In the meth example above, the convicted person might face an additional fine equal to the street value of the 100-400 grams of meth manufactured.

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