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The consequences of being charged with a criminal offense in Illinois can be devastating and have long-term and life-changing repercussions. It is important that, after an arrest, you retain a trusted DUI and criminal defense attorney. Cook County Criminal Defense Attorney Fred Mark Dry has experience in handling criminal law throughout the Chicago, Illinois area. With more than 40 years in practice as a criminal defense attorney and a Cook County DUI lawyer, Fred Mark Dry has the experience, knowledge, attention to detail, and intellect that you require in an aggressive defense lawyer.

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, whether it is your first, second, third or fourth offense, you need to contact Fred Mark Dry right away. Attorney Dry proudly offers aggressive representation to clients facing almost any criminal charge, including DUIDrug Possession, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Criminal Sexual Assault and Criminal Sexual Abuse, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse and Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault and internet crimes, Unlawful Use of Weapons and gun offensestraffic violations, and Battery, Aggravated Battery, Domestic Battery, Robbery, Armed Robbery, Theft, Shoplifting, Identity Theft. At this time in your life, it is vital that you retain strong legal defense for your charges and remember that you have rights. You have the right to remain silent until you speak with an attorney and the right to retain trusted legal counsel. It is advisable that you do both as soon as possible after your arrest. Chicago DUI attorney Mark Dry may be able to clear your charges completely.

Investigative Skill From a Criminal Defense Attorney You Can Trust

You may have been falsely accused or made a bad choice, but do not let that ruin your life! You need to work with an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney immediately. Being arrested is often an emotionally draining experience for you and your family. Criminal proceedings can be confusing and intimidating. Let Fred Mark Dry guide you down the right path.

Attorney Dry can help you determine that best course of legal action to take for your particular case and aggressively defend your rights after an arrest. He is devoted to maintaining a high level of quality service and attention to detail; in fact, he has read every Illinois Supreme Court, Appellate Court, and U.S. Supreme Court criminal and traffic law opinion issued since 1977. He values his relationships and communication with his clients and works to maximize the likelihood of obtaining the best possible outcome in every case.

DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago, Illinois

When you work with Attorney Dry, you will be working with a highly experienced defense and DUI lawyer who can assess the parameters of your case quickly and respond appropriately. Sometimes, recognizing a simple technical flaw can result in more-manageable charges. Attorney Dry prides himself on providing meticulous preparation, experience, honed judgment, and aggressive determination to help clients receive favorable outcomes for their cases.

When you are seeking the guidance of a criminal defense attorney, you deserve a proactive thinker, a straight shooter, and a strategist who aggressively challenges the law and squarely forces the burden of proof on the prosecution. Fred Dry has handled thousands of Illinois criminal charges, including assault, harassment, sex crimes, drug possession and reckless driving. If you or someone you love has been arrested, then contact Mr. Dry’s firm today and schedule a case evaluation as soon as possible.

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