Chicago Drunk Driving Attorney Discusses DUI Myths – Part 2

There are many myths regarding Chicago drunk driving laws. In Illinois, a driver is legally considered to be under the influence if they have a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or more, have used any illegal substance, or are impaired by medication. The following topics address what a person needs to know before going to court with an Illinois DUI lawyer or Chicago drunk driving attorney for a DUI charge.

Chicago Drunk Driving Myth #3: Anyone Can Defend An Accused In A DUI Charge

If you are arrested for DUI, you will need the assistance of an experienced Illinois DUI lawyer. Those charged with DUI may face jail time and driver’s license revocation. A skilled Chicago drunk driving attorney with experience defending DUI cases will evaluate all the evidence, including the procedure and results of any field sobriety and chemical tests, to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

If charged with a DUI, choose an Illinois DUI lawyer who will aggressively defend your interests. Not investigating all of your options could leave you at the mercy of the prosecutor or the judge. Make sure you review Chicago drunk driving attorneys carefully. Lesser-experienced Illinois DUI lawyers may not be familiar with all facets of DUI/DWI law, resulting in poor advice. A skilled and highly-competent Illinois DUI attorney will thoroughly review your case, analyze the facts and provide expert guidance. It is best not to take the risk of hiring an inexperienced DUI lawyer.

Illinois DUI lawyers do more than dispense legal information. Lawyers offer strategic advice and apply sophisticated technical skills to legal problems. It is best to work with a lawyer who is already familiar and skilled in the area you need help. Think of hiring a Chicago drunk driving attorney in a similar manner that you would when hiring any other professional, such as an electrician or an accountant. There will be many to choose from, but look at their track record, are they skilled and experienced in the area where you need help? Do they have the qualifications needed to handle your case?

Chicago Drunk Driving Myth #4: Drunk Driving Is A Minor Crime

Many people are under the impression that drunk driving is treated as a minor offense. That may have been the case 20, 30 or even 50 years ago – but not today! With strict DUI laws, you need an Illinois DUI lawyer who will represent your interests to the fullest extent of the law.

A Chicago drunk driving conviction may carry criminal penalties including fines, jail time, probation, and community service. The severity of these penalties will vary according to the circumstances of the offense. Chicago drunk driving charges are very serious charges and should not be taken lightly.

If convicted of a DUI in the State of Illinois, the first offense will result in a minimum one year driver’s license revocation, possible imprisonment for up to one year, a maximum fine of $2,500 and suspension of vehicle registration. If someone suffers great bodily harm as a result of the drunken driving, Illinois law raises the charge to a felony.

Other factors that can impact DUI penalties, include whether the driver has a history of DUI violations; if the driver’s license was suspended or revoked for another DUI, if the driver was under the legal drinking age at the time of the DUI violation; if the DUI violation occurred while there was a child in the vehicle; if the DUI violation involved a car accident in which another person was injured or killed; amongst others.

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