Secretary of State Hearings After a DUI

How a DUI Attorney Can Help With License Revocation in Illinois

Were you recently arrested for a Chicago DUI? Under administrative license suspension laws, you may have your license revoked without a separate hearing in your criminal case. At Illinois Secretary of State formal and informal hearings in Illinois, your license and driving privileges will be debated and you may have the opportunity to defend your eligibility for these privileges. By working with a dedicated criminal defense attorney from the law firm of Fred Mark Dry, you can rest assured that your rights will be aggressively defended and your interests strongly represented. It is important that you act quickly because you gain no advantage by waiting beyond your eligibility date to retain legal counsel and schedule Secretary of State hearings.

Secretary of State hearings are administrative hearings and they are completely separate from your court hearings for your criminal offense. At this time, you and your attorney will have a right to seek the reinstatement of your license. The paperwork that was submitted by the arresting officer will be reviewed at your hearing and it will be determined if your license should be reinstated. It may be deemed reasonable to interview witnesses and review the police car’s dashboard surveillance footage from the time of your arrest at the Secretary of State hearing. If you were arrested for a DUI, then the case against you may be strong, so it is vital that you retain experienced legal counsel.

Defense Attorney Fred Mark Dry Can Defend Your Rights in DUI Cases

The moment you have been arrested, you need to act quickly to retain trusted legal counsel. By working with Attorney Fred Mark Dry, you may be able to retain your driving privileges. Attorney Dry has more than 40 years of experience in assisting clients to achieve a positive outcome for their cases, and he may be able to help you as well with Secretary of State formal or informal hearings. This time in your life is crucial, and the steps you take immediately following your arrest can be the difference between retaining your driver’s license and living without it. Contact Fred Mark Dry’s firm today and schedule a case evaluation with a trusted Cook County DUI lawyer now.

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