Tinley Park Man Charged In Fatal Driving Accident

Attorney Fred Mark Dry comments on news item in SouthTownStar.SunTimes.com about a Tinley Park man was charged in a drunken driving accident that killed his female passenger from Manhattan on Wednesday.

It was an unfortunate accident. Usually people are ejected from a car in an accident when they are not wearing a seat belt. In Illinois, every car passenger is required to wear a seat belt. Regardless of intoxication, the driver of a car from which a person is ejected in an accident will be held liable if they are responsible for causing the accident. If a person is injured in an accident where the cause is drunken driving, the drinking driver will be held responsible. Significant jail sentences are often imposed when a drunk driver causes a crash where a person is killed. A skilled DUI lawyer will know what to do in your defense.

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