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Court allows Vehicle Stops of Roadblock Avoiders

The Illinois Supreme Court recently decided that the stop of your vehicle and request that you produce your driver’s license and proof of insurance could… Read more →

New way to beat a search warrant

The Illinois Supreme Court has now expanded the ways in which a Defendant can challenge the issuance of a search warrant and beat the case.… Read more →

Jury trials, Expert witnesses

On January 22, 2016 the Illinois Supreme Court delivered its’ opinion in People of Illinois v. Eduardo Lerma, 2016 IL 118496. In it the Court… Read more →

Another Happy Chicago DUI Client

Here you see another happy client!! Michael L. THE CASE Accident with police car Failed Breath Test Statutory Summary Suspension for Failing Breath Test (6… Read more →

Supreme Court Rules Probable Cause Necessary For Drug Searches During Traffic Stops

In the case of Rodriguez v. United States, Mr. Rodriguez was validly stopped by the police for a traffic violation, after being observed swerving on… Read more →

Car Passenger may sometimes be legally searched.

Mr. Jarriet Brannon was a passenger in a vehicle stopped for a minor traffic offense – his failure to wear a seatbelt. He began to… Read more →

Tinley Park Man Charged In Fatal Driving Accident

Attorney Fred Mark Dry comments on news item in about a Tinley Park man was charged in a drunken driving accident that killed his… Read more →

Teen Hurt, Charged With DUI After Hamilton Co., IL Wreck

Chicago DUI Attorney Fred Mark Dry comments on news item in about teen getting hurt and charged with DUI after Hamilton County, IL car accident.… Read more →

Leaving an Abusive Relationship: 4 Ways to Protect Yourself

Abuse in a relationship is a serious issue for many reasons, and the possibility of dangerous, or even fatal, violence is one of them. Experiencing… Read more →

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in Illinois?

A DUI sobriety checkpoint or roadblock is a public area where law enforcement can detain drivers in order to determine whether or not they are… Read more →