Theft Charges

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According to the Illinois Criminal Code, theft is the crime of taking another person’s property without their knowledge or consent to do so by use of force or deception. You may also be charged with a theft crime for knowingly receiving stolen property. If you have been charged with theft or you know that you are under investigation for a theft crime, it is important that you retain the legal counsel of a trusted attorney. Attorney Fred Mark Dry has more than 35 years of experience in assisting his clients with achieving positive outcomes for their theft crime defense. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, then it is imperative that you work quickly to schedule a case evaluation with the experienced and dedicated Fred Mark Dry.

Penalties for Theft

If you are convicted of a theft offense, then you will be facing serious penalties. Depending on the offenses you were arrested for, you will be charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony. Petty theft crimes or shoplifting crimes are often charged as misdemeanors, while burglary and armed robbery are charged as felonies. If convicted of taking property from a person, you could face sentencing of 2 – 15 years, along with heavy fines and restitution. If you were charged with a Class 1 felony for theft, then probation will not be an option for you. The taking of property that was not from a person, such as burglary, retail theft, or theft by deception, then you may be facing a smaller term in jail with heavy fines and restitution or probation.Theft Crime Defense

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Theft crimes are heavily prosecuted in the State of Illinois, and the City of Chicago is notorious for high property crime rates. Even an accusation of a theft crime can have you facing numerous difficulties. If you have been arrested, or you know that you are under investigation for a criminal offense such as theft, then it is important that you act quickly to retain the legal counsel of a trusted defense attorney. When you work with Attorney Dry, you will be able to retain the legal counsel that you deserve for an full-service theft crime defense. Contact an aggressive Cook County criminal defense lawyer today and schedule your case evaluation as soon as possible.

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