DUI Dos and Don'ts

DUI Defense in Cook County

Have you or a loved one been arrested for driving under the influence? This is a serious crime in Illinois and requires the representation of a dedicated and highly experienced attorney to help you defend your case. Attorney Fred Mark Dry stands ready to provide you with trusted legal counsel in the event of an accusation. By following his do’s and don’ts of a DUI and quickly contacting his firm, you may be able to receive a positive outcome for your case.

Do obtain legal counsel. The sooner you work with an attorney, the sooner they can begin building a strong defense for your case.

Don’t answer any questions without speaking first to an attorney. You have the right to work with a lawyer, and it is highly recommended that you retain legal counsel.

Do act politely. Being rowdy can only get you in more trouble and could possibly leave you with a charge of resisting arrest.

Don’t consent to a search of your vehicle. Unless the arresting officer has a search warrant, you do not have to allow them to search your car.

Do remember that if your license gets taken away, you have the right to challenge the suspension at a DMV hearing.

Don’t consent to breath or blood tests. Field sobriety tests can be faulty. Inform the officer that you wish to speak with an attorney first.

Do try to remember everything that happens that night. If your rights were infringed upon in any way, you may have a strong defense case.

Most importantly, do contact Fred Mark Dry!

After an arrest, it is imperative that you act quickly and obtain the legal counsel of a trusted attorney. With Attorney Dry’s meticulous defense and attention to detail, you may be able to receive a positive outcome for your case. Mr. Dry has more than 35 years of experience in providing outstanding representation to his clients and could help you as well. Contact the firm today to schedule a case evaluation and speak with a dedicated and highly experienced Cook County DUI lawyer today!

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